Class XHMM

  extended by org.wiigee.logic.HMM
      extended by org.wiigee.logic.XHMM

public class XHMM
extends HMM

Field Summary
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a, b, numObservations, numStates, pi
Constructor Summary
XHMM(int numStates, int numObservations)
Method Summary
 void train(java.util.Vector<int[]> trainsequence)
          Trains the Hidden Markov Model with multiple sequences.
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backwardProc, forwardProc, getA, getB, getPi, getProbability, print, setA, setB, setPi
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Constructor Detail


public XHMM(int numStates,
            int numObservations)
Method Detail


public void train(java.util.Vector<int[]> trainsequence)
Description copied from class: HMM
Trains the Hidden Markov Model with multiple sequences. This method is normally not known to basic hidden markov models, because they usually use the Baum-Welch-Algorithm. This method is NOT the traditional Baum-Welch-Algorithm. If you want to know in detail how it works please consider my Individuelles Projekt paper on the wiigee Homepage. Also there exist some english literature on the world wide web. Try to search for some papers by Rabiner or have a look at Vesa-Matti Mäntylä - "Discrete Hidden Markov Models with application to isolated user-dependent hand gesture recognition".

train in class HMM