icon_remotedownloadwiigee gesture recognition library
The library. Released under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

icon_downloadDemo GUI
icon_downloadPrevious Version of the Demo GUI
A prototypical user interface to demonstrate the capabilities of the library. Not well documented.

icon_downloadGerman Slideshow Example (with wiigee libraries version 1.5.6 included)
A gesture-enabled slideshow application which I proposed in the german iX Magazine 9/2009 issued by the Heise Verlag.

icon_downloadPaper: Gesture Recognition with a Wii Controller (Unofficial Draft)
T. Schlömer, B. Poppinga, N. Henze and S. Boll, In: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction. Bonn, Germany. February 2008. Unofficial Draft. The final version can be acquired via the ACM Digital Library.

icon_downloadStudent Project Documentation (German)
B. Poppinga, Individual Project at University of Oldenburg, Germany. September 2007.