Did Jaguars report Josh Lambo’s claim to the NFL?

Urban Meyer is gone, but an item of business that first emerged publicly on Wednesday may cause a lingering issue for the Jaguars.

It’s unclear whether the Jaguars reported to the NFL the claim made by former kicker Josh Lambo that he’d been kicked by Meyer.

The Personal Conduct Policy contains no ambiguity. “Clubs and players are obligated to promptly report any matter that comes to their attention (through, for example, victim or witness reports, law enforcement, civil litigation, or media reports) that may constitute a violation of this Policy. Clubs are expected to educate their employees on this obligation to report.”

If Meyer did indeed kick Lambo, that’s a clear violation of the Personal Conduct Policy. The moment Lambo’s agent told the team about Lambo’s claim, the Jaguars became aware of a “matter” that “may constitute” a violation. It’s that simple.

The league had no comment on whether the Jaguars reported the incident when it happened. The Jaguars, based on their statement to the Tampa Bay Times, did nothing with the matter because they were waiting for more from Lambo.

“Jaguars legal counsel indeed acknowledged and responded immediately to the query made by Josh Lambo’s agent Friday, August 27, 2021,” the team told the Times. “Counsel offered to speak with Josh, or to assist Josh in speaking with coaching or any other football personnel, if he was comfortable with her sharing the information. Any suggestion otherwise is blatantly false.”

The last part refers to Lambo claiming that he has no recollection of having the opportunity to speak with the team’s legal counsel. The Jaguars presumably said nothing to the league while waiting for more from Lambo.

Regardless, Lambo’s agent put the team on notice of the allegation. That’s the moment the NFL should have been informed, based on the plain terms of the Personal Conduct Policy.

Will the league do anything about it? Like everything else, they will if they want to. Regardless of what the relevant standard provides.