Venomous snake stows away 4,000 miles from Pakistan to England

Animal rescuers in Britain said they rescued a highly venomous snake that stowed away from Pakistan to England in a shipment of bricks.

The RSPCA said workers at Manchester, England, business Manchester Brick Specialist spotted the saw-scaled viper in a container of bricks that had been shipped in from Pakistan the previous month.

Logistics manager Michael Regan used a cardboard box to confine the snake and contacted the RSPCA, which dispatched Inspector Ryan King to the scene.

“The report came to us that a saw-scaled viper had been spotted but I was a bit skeptical,” King said in an RSPCA news release. “Sometimes we get to jobs like this and it turns out to be a harmless grass snake — we have even attended snake reports which turn out to be plastic toys.”

King said he quickly discovered the workers had been right about the serpent.

“I only had to take a quick look to realize we were dealing with a reptile which was more than capable of killing people with its highly toxic venom,” he said.

King took the viper to a facility with a special license for handling venomous snakes.

“It was quite an honor to deal with this snake and I am pleased he has a home where he will be looked after,” he said. “It is amazing that he survived a 4,000 mile journey and managed to live for weeks — and in such a cold climate when arriving in England.”